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by Reldin on Aug 13, 2013 at 11:10 PM
If you haven't noticed, the UMF forums have been going through many changes during the last week. The forum layouts have been greatly changed in addition to menu and website layouts.

New MEMBER ONLY sections have been created and you must be a full member of the Prometheus Union to gain access! The Sinister Syndicate sections of our forums have disappeared! Instead, they, along with any other villain related stuff can be found on our "redside" forums.

The new About page has been revamped and expanded for newbies and visitors alike.

And finally...the UMF forums will be making a transition to go back to the original PROMETHEUS UNION centered website.

So please, please keep an eye out on the new url when we make the transition this Saturday!:

If that URL is not open we will be returning to the original URL which is:

If you are not a full member and are still logging in via the CORP Alliance, please be sure to let me know so I may send you an invite to join the PU forums. That way, you may access the MEMBER ONLY sections if you are currently on the active roster.
by Reldin on Jul 27, 2013 at 10:40 PM
At the moment, all Brick-type applications will be put on hold. A brick is a character that has super strength and invulnerability. These concepts include Hulk, Superman, or Doomsday type characters, or anything related to powers that increase strength and size (I.E. giant growth with concepts like Antman). Right now we have plenty of Brick types and we would like to see more that include:

  • Telepaths//Telekinetics/Mentalists
  • Fire Manipulators
  • Weather Controllers
  • Ice Manipulators
  • Speedsters
  • Radiation Users
  • Shapeshifters - Animals/creatures
  • Plant/Nature Control
  • Sonic/Sound Manipulation
  • Self-Duplication
  • Illusionists
  • Force Manipulation
  • Matter Manipulation
  • Elasticity
  • And other non-conventional abilities.
If you are looking to make a new character just for the Prometheus Union, be as creative as you can with your character's abilities. We want to see some original ideas as well, so the more impressive your character's powers are, the more likely we'd want you to be part of the team!